Tools for Deciding Whether to Use OCV

Scenario Approach for Considering Oral Cholera Vaccination (PDF – 5 pages)

Published in The Lancet, this analysis presents a systematic classification of scenarios based on five types of cholera epidemiology and provides recommendations on when and how vaccination should be used in each scenario.

Vaccine Introduction Cost-effectiveness (VICE) Calculator (Excel - 4 sheets) [Arabic - Excel] [French - Excel]

The VICE calculator is a user-friendly excel-based tool that estimates the cost-effectiveness of oral cholera vaccination in various settings. Clicking the link above will download the Excel file. 

Introduction to the Vaccine Introduction Cost-effectiveness (VICE) Calculator (PDF - 2 pages) [Arabic - PDF] [French - PDF] 

This fact sheet provides a quick introduction to the VICE calculator for estimating the cost-effectiveness of oral cholera vaccination.

Determining the Feasibility of an Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) Campaign (PDF - 5 pages) [Arabic - PDF] [French - PDF] 

Several factors must be considered to determine whether oral cholera vaccination is feasible in a given setting. This short document describes a series of feasibility factors and includes a feasibility assessment that results in a clear decision on whether or not to move forward with the vaccination plan.