First Publication of the StopCholera Toolkit

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David A. Sack, MD

Professor | Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
StopCholera Toolkit

I am happy to announce the launch of the first two sections of the StopCholera Toolkit. Developed by the Delivering Oral Cholera Vaccine Effectively (DOVE) Project, The StopCholera Toolkit is a collection of practical resources and how-to guides to help decide if, when, where, and how to use oral cholera vaccine to reduce cholera mortality, prevent cholera cases, and halt outbreaks.

The first section, Cholera Basics, is a compilation of resources that will give an overview of cholera.

Here you will find fact sheets on aspects of cholera, a glossary of commonly used terms in cholera, and guidance documents for conducting surveillance and evaluating the capacity of health facilities to respond to a cholera outbreak. There are many expert groups fighting cholera throughout the world, such as UNICEF and WHO. The section on Essential Cholera Links connects users to some of the most important resources on their websites.

Oral Cholera Vaccine Basics, the second section, contains tools for understanding OCV and making the case for its use. Resources include fact sheets on vaccine safety, ethical use, use in pregnancy, and approaches for integrating OCV and WASH programs. Also included is a brief video presentation providing an overview of OCV and how it can be used to STOP Cholera.

In the coming weeks, additional sections will be added to the StopCholera Toolkit to include guidance for deciding whether to use OCV and a Field Guide for Vaccine Implementation. These upcoming resources will focus on when to use OCV, how to obtain it, and how to implement and evaluate an OCV campaign.  Stay tuned!

Please join me to STOP Cholera: Work Together. Stop Transmission. End Deaths.