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Every year cholera affects thousands of people. Vibrio cholerae, the agent which causes cholera, thrives in brackish waters of estuaries as well as in coastal seawaters, and even freshwater in rivers, canals, ponds, or lakes, if saline levels are compensated by warmth and organic nutrients. This is a picture from a swamp in Lukanga which is a major wetland in the Central Province of Zambia in Africa. Cholera continues to thrive in this region.

Oral Cholera Vaccines reduce the chances of getting infected with cholera. Taking the OCV can protect you from getting sick from cholera. The Oral Cholera Vaccine Campaign is part of the efforts to control cholera in your community, and is complementary to reinforcing access to safe water and sanitation. 

List of StopCholera.Org Blogs

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  7. Stop Yelling: Using Neighbors to Mobilize Communities to Stop Cholera (December, 2017) (Author: Tom Davis, MPH)
  8. In cholera outbreaks, a single vaccine dose can work as well as the standard two (December 19, 2016)
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  15. A New Toolkit to Help Stop Cholera (April 27, 2016) (Author: David Sack)
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  19. Implications And Future Research Regarding Oral Cholera Vaccine At Elevated Temperatures (May 3, 2016) (Author: Francisco Luquero, MD, PhD; Anne Ballard, MPH)
  20. DOVE Stop Cholera: A Look at the Past Year. (November 6, 2015) (Author: David Sack)
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  22. Understanding Cholera in Nepal (September 9, 2014) (Author: Alfred Pach, PhD; Anuj Bhattachan, MD)
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  29. OCV campaign in Guinea shows vaccination can be done - even during an outbreak (August 5, 2014) (Author: Denise De Rock)
  30. Where do we stand on eliminating cholera from the globe? (July 8, 2014) (Author: Mohammad Ali)
  31. A diarrheal disease by any other name…(May 28, 2014) (Author: Jacqueline Deen, MD)

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